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Investment Opportunities 

Targeted Returns Graphic.png

*Average over investment period, i.e., may start low and go high as properties are stabilized.

** Consistent over investment period, i.e., buying stabilized properties.


Investment Funds

Two seed deals have already been acquired and have produced an 8+% quarterly dividend since inception on July 2023.  Income Fund I is still open for new investor commitments with the next capital call expected to be within 3 months.

Now that Growth Fund I has been fully invested, Growth Fund II will be launched with the next acquisition, which is expected to be within 3 months. 

Raised $30 million in investor commitments and launched with first acquisition in January 2022.  Since then, a total of five properties have been acquired and all investor commitments have been called and invested.  Actual quarterly dividends have averaged 8.8% (exceeding our orginal forecast).  All properties are expected to meet or exceed original total performance forecasts.

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